FinnJAE 2018
Pe-Su, 17-19.8.
- 1 year and 118 päivää sitten -

What's FinnJAE?

In short, it's a weekend long meeting for all japanese car enthusiasts. There's room for historic, custom, appearance and performance tuned and stock cars, as long as they are japanese. Especially four finnish car clubs (Fintoys - Toyota Club, Honda Club, Mazdago and Nissan Club) have taken FinnJAE into their calendars as one of the main events and two of those clubs were actually founded in FinnJAE.

You don't have to be in any club to show up, but this is a great chance to meet the people and join. Also, you may just pop by for one day, though many stay there from friday afternoon to sunday. The event itself is free, but you have to pay for camping.

Why the name FinnJAE?

When the event was being planned, there were already similar weekend events "French visit", "Brits meet" and "Japanese stars". In UK "Japanese Auto Extravaganza" gathered the japanese vehicles together and we added Finn to remind ours is a finnish event. Short and straight to the point, good enough for international use! The time was chosed to mid August, because by that time the holiday season is over and the camping areas can accept big crowd of car enthusiasts, but the weather isn't rainy yet.


You may contact any of the clubs or email Juhani, the main organizer.